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Gloryal Aquaculture Consultancy (GAC) is a consultancy of its kind in the region providing one stop solution for all the aquaculture needs globally. Our global network and varied geographical experience allows us to offer our clientele the best of world class expertise and knowledge. Our specialists are ardent to find practical solutions, aimed primarily at giving clientele a competitive edge over their competitors.
We offer consulting and evaluation services, complete development and management of project and training of employees as well.


Rising population round the globe has led to a pressing demand on food, water and wetland resources. To ensure food and water security to world population, nations are focused on harnessing their existing food resources and in exploring ways to improve food production. Other than the hygienic drinking water for the populace, food producing sectors like Agriculture and Aquaculture further demand water. So, it is evident that water resource is the prime need for social as well as economic growth and development. One of Gloryal’s main objectives is to capture and divert available human, technological and financial resources into the water resources development sector, so as to catalyze productive growth in different nations of the world.

Investing in Aquaculture is an economically-sound and proven decision. Large-scale eco-friendly aquaculture projects, not only contribute to extra aquatic production but also provide additional job opportunities and spread awareness on environment-friendly values in aquatic production. To make every culture operation sustainable, a designed project should encompass facilities to have the least harming effect on the environs. For implementation of best management practices (BMPs) in aquatic production followed by proper and efficient waste disposal, we strive our best to techno-assist in designing and constructing such state-of-the-art bioengineering facilities.

The above objectives, backed by our fund of knowledge on low budget bio-engineering expertise makes us competitive in the above as well as allied sectors. Such a benevolent approach for the right cause has enlivened us in every new endeavor, targeting eradication of poverty as the final objective.

Gloryal is specialised in aquaculture and seafood business with decades of combined experience in key areas of aquaculture design / implementation and management. We deliver the establishment process for shrimp / fish, HACCP and other aquaculture facility activities. Our projects are built only upon sustainable principles as firm building blocks. We make your fish farm productive by providing passionate technical advice and scientific back stopping. Profiling over the years, we have mastered the ability to combine local and overseas technologies to an optimum catch. As such, we have the capacity to develop projects site-specifically adapted to your local conditions.

The areas in which Gloryal Aquaculture Consultancy has substantial experience and can effectively provide a valuable service include the following:

  • Consulting and Evaluation Studies
  • Projects development and managementa
  • Training
  • Juveniles and Brood Stock
  • Projects